To create and join dnet, no special networking knowledge is needed. The steps are similar to manage and join chat group.

DNet Admin Role

Need install dnetcoin wallet App to create the dnet and add member nodes to it. It will be helpful to understand the core-concepts.

The dnetcoin wallet is modified bitcoin wallet to manage the dnet. For advanced users, dnetcoin-cli is available, as well as HTTP based RPC for programmable configuration. The dnetcoin wallet needs DNC token balances in order to create a dnet. The Testdnet's token can be generated with command line:

dnetcoin-cli generate 1

The overall dnet admin process is similar to managing the membership in a chat group, in decentralized way.

DNet Endnode (Client) Role

Need install the DNET.VLAN App to join the dnet. The DNET.VLAN App is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Wifi Router(OpenWRT) and Android. iOS App is under development. No dnetcoin wallet App is needed.

The process to join a dnet is similar to joining a chat group.

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