TestDNet Chain

TestDNet token ('DNC': DNetCoin) can be used to create dnet on the testdnet chain to test drive D.Net, e.g. creating private networks.

Only the dnet admin, who creates and manages the dnet, needs DNC token, while the end users, who join the dnet as end nodes, do not need DNC tokens. With TestDNet DNC token, an admin can easily create a dnet (Virtual LAN) for distributed team members to join and connect with other.

This TestDNet guide shows the complete steps to create dnet, which enables nodes located around the world to connect with each other like in a Virtual Local Area Network (Virtual LAN). The tutorial will shows the steps to use the following apps:

  • As an Admin, using dnetcoin wallet desktop app on Window/MacOS/Ubuntu or dnetcoin-cli on Linux server to manage dnet.
  • As an Enduser, using dnetvlan app on Window, MacOS, Linux, WiFi Router and Android to join a dnet.

The following screen shots show the steps to add two nodes, one Window (Node A) and one Linux (Node B), to a dnet (mydnet).


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