User Cases

LAN based applications, services, hardware devices and data can be easily and securely extended to Internet-wide access through DNet.

Virtual Team Network

Distributed team members can form a virtual network just like they are in the same location/LAN. Each team member installs an user-friendly DNet.App on their own computer/phone and then join a DNet group.


Small law firm or accounting firm can install a DNet node on their office, usually without public IP address, then the professionals can securely access the business systems in their office from home.

Enterprise SD-WAN

DevOps Environment

Various components reside on team member's own managed system, often distributed in different site and datacenter. DNet can be used to easily connect the components for collaborative development, debugging, testing, deployment and monitoring.

Distributed Enterprise


IoT Device Network

4G/5G Wireless WAN

In-vehicle Network


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