Security & Privacy by default

Security in D.Network is in two layers: the decentralized platform and the privacy App. The blockchain platform is more related to information security, while the App side is more about communication privacy like end-to-end network traffic encryption. Since D.Network is Crypto ID based framework, D.Net App has built-in security and privacy, as compared to the IP based framework.

Security enabled by blockchain

The full-cycle DNetDB's creation, read, update and delete (CRUD) operations are all secure and fault tolerant.

The D.Network platform is built upon Bitcoin-core code base and inherits its high quality implementation of fault tolerant architecture. DNetDB specific OPCodes are added to the Bitocin scripts, as well as DNet networking domain validation logics. The additional DNet data are attached to existing transaction ledger.

The DNetDB is created and updated with private key and immutable once becoming an entry on chain. The read process from on-chain to off-chain is similar to the SPV (Simple Payment Verification) and is tamper-proof.

Privacy with end-to-end traffic encryption

Since all nodes can retrieve peer nodes' PubKey from the open blockchain, the communication between peer nodes are all encrypted and decrypted with the crypto keys.

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