Run DNet App Introduction

Tinc VPN is a popular VPN application developed since 1990s. It is widely used to create virtual tunnels between nodes. This section shows the details how to adapt the Tinc VPN application deployable on global scale.

Components Diagram


Upon finishing this section, the audience should be able to fully understand the components and their relationships.

Why Run App on DNet ?

The following benefits stem from the innovative DNetDB design that the list of nodes' public keys are grouped together and associated with OVC on blockchain.

  • Global Scale Collaboration: DNet enables that the meta ovc nodes can be operated by many different and untrusted providers around the world.
  • Secure & Simple: tedious configurations process, involving complex networking knowledge on multiple operation systems, turns into a few point-n-click, non-engineers can securely join the overlay network easily. The simplification is because information required for App settings are available publicly and securely on blockchain, which make automation become possible.
  • Increased Security: since the nodes list and public keys are stored on chain and it is fault tolerant and unhackable;
  • Outsourceable: the proxy can be provided by untrusted third party without sacrificing privacy, because of privacy-by-fault design;
  • No vendor lock-in: with the complete open source code base and decentralized runtime infrastructure, the App and hardware developers can grow business without vendor lock-in.

Without the public key grouping information publicly and securely available, the global scale collaborative efforts between the diversified end nodes and back-end administrators become technically and economically prohibitive.


The following programs are required to create the overlay network, named as vlan. For the end user, only the APP is needed.

  • DNet: dnetcoin-qt or dnetcoind, dnetcoin-cli, tools for DNet and OVC administrators to configure the DNetDB, e.g. create dnet, register ovc and add member nodes.
  • OVC: dnet_vlan_ovc_driver, tinc-vpn-proxy, tools for OVC admin to manage the overlay cloud backcend.
  • APP: dnet_vlan_app_driver, tinc-vpn, for endusers to join the VLAN, Virtual LAN, or Layer 3 overlay network.

The drivers bridge the blockchain data with the Tinv-VPN's configuration.

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