DNet App Introduction

Tinc VPN is a popular VPN application developed since 1990s. It is widely used to create virtual tunnels between nodes. This section shows the details how to port such typical application to DNet platform and make the application deployable on global scale.

The benefits to run Tinc-VPN on DNet patform:

  • Increased Security: since the nodes list and public keys are stored on chain and it is fault tolerant and unhackable;
  • Very low maintenance: "setup and forget" since no vulnerable points for security breach except each individual self-managed private key;
  • Outsourceable: the proxy can be provided by third party without sacrificing privacy, because of privacy-by-fault design;
  • Secure & Simple: tedious configurations process, involving complex networking knowledge on multiple operation systems, turns into a few point-n-click, non-engineers can securely join the overlay network easily;

The above benefits stem from the innovative design that the list of nodes' public keys are grouped togather on blockchain.

Upon finishing this section, the audience should be able to develop their own applications for DNet platform.

First first chapters shows how to run the application on DNet platform:

  • Exeutable downloads
  • Data files folders
  • Roles: DNet,OVF, App
  • DNet Owner Node
  • OVF Owner Node
  • OVF Instance
  • App User Node

Then, the implementation details are explained:

  • Build from source
  • OVF Implementation
  • App Implementation

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