OVC Implementation

OVC needs read both DNet & OVC records from DNetDB.

Configure (manual operation)

  1. ovc_id --> dnet_id: DNet owner chooses an ovc and add to dnet record;
  2. dnet_id --> ovc_id: OVC authorizes the dnet and add to ovc record;

Initialization (program)

  1. query all dnet records for ovc_id;
  2. create host files for all member nodes in each dnet record;
  3. add self node name to tinc.conf;
  4. tincd main();
  5. ready and listening for connections from member nodes, member nodes might obtain the ovc record first and will keep on trying every 30s.

Sync between ovc & blockchain

Sync between ovc & node


Each node structure has a vlan list hash field, cancatenate the orderred vlan_id list and hash.

Each vlan structure has a node list hash field, cancatenate the orderred node_id list and hash.



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