Crypto ID Based Autonomous Internet

D.Network is a decentralized platform to create overlay network (VPN) to enable programmable connectivity and run privacy App.

Networking Made Simple.



The ĐNet.DB is secured on blockchain by consensus algorithm.

Address Space

The PubKey as ID for locating the nodes, within each private ĐNet.

Directive to Cloud

The Overlay Cloud (OVC) for nodes to find each other and connect, instead of P2P XOR distance based address.



  • SD-WAN VPN IM ...

Overlay Cloud (OVC)

The cloud backend for dnet nodes to find each other and connect together.

Layer 3 Overlay Network

The IP network to enable DWS Ecosystem to meet different needs.

OVC/DWS Market Place

Smart Contract enabled market place for OVC/DWS providers and powered by ĐNet Token.

Crypto ID Based Network

Đ.NET evolves Internet's openness, SD-WAN's programmability, P2P blockchain's decentralized governance and incentive token into a new networking architecture.

Private Overlay Network

My network, under my full control, without complex engineering setup. Running any standard TCP/IP based App privately and securely over Internet.

Fully Autonomous Network

It depends only on general availability of the Internet, e.g. not relying on geo-location and no static public IP address is needed. Each dnet is managed in decentralized way.

Fault Tolerant ĐNetDB

The ĐNetDB stores group members' PubKey and directive to cloud. The incentive algorithm to secure the ĐNetDB's CRUD operations and make it open foundation for running various App.

ĐNET Market Place

Similar to cloud service, DNet creators can use ĐNET token to subscribe OVC instance, as provided through smart contract by third-party.

Building ĐNet.Apps

OVC and App can be ported, developed and deployed on ĐNet. SD-WAN, VPN and Chat are the amonge the first few ported to ĐNet.

The Programmable Network Over Internet

Đ.Network extends the TCP/IP to crypto-key based addressing and evolves the rigid hierarchy IP structure of current network to programmable connectivity on Internet scale. ĐNet Token incentivizes the development and deployment of App on the new networking architecture.

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Say hello to D.Network 👶🎉💚

A new programmable Internet baby is born. We have been exploring it since 2017 and will have a beta testdnet ready soon. You can expect this baby to grow up fast 🚀 !

Posted 1. July 2022 by John ZhangJohn Zhang - 1 min read

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